These parents could not help but share with college administrators their appreciation for the liberal-arts education their child received and the value they are proud to be seeing.

Bob and Veronica Bailin, P'07

"Dickinson gave Emily the opportunity to find out who she was. She got this great liberal-arts education, but she also got to see what she was really capable of. ... I look at Dickinson and how it's building this sense of global citizenry, and I feel like tomorrow's leaders are in good hands. We're living in such a fragile time, and Dickinson is providing an opportunity for the next generation of leaders to find themselves. I think that's so important right now."

Gail Harker, P'07

Rebecca Harker '07

"My daughter Rebecca was a 2007 graduate of Dickinson College. Although she was a chemistry major at Dickinson, she took several political-science courses and she chose law as her career path. She is currently a third-year student at George Mason School of Law in Arlington, Va. During her time at George Mason, she has served for one year as an intern for Judge Luckern at the International Trade Commission (ITC). This past summer, she served as an intern at a Washington, D.C., law firm specializing in intellectual properties law and was offered a position with this firm upon graduation in 2010. As she was at Dickinson, Rebecca has been very active in the academic and student life at George Mason. I attribute her success at George Mason in part to her individual intellect and work ethic and in part to her academic and student life experiences at Dickinson College. Given her rather unusual path through chemistry to law, I felt that her story might be informative to some Dickinson students who are looking for some direction with their career path. It could also serve as another Dickinson success story!"

Mary Brandt Kerr, P'09

Cameron Kerr '09

"We are very grateful to Dickinson for enabling [our son] Cameron to blossom. We left a shy, self-conscious child at the steps to Old West four years ago. Then in May we nearly fell off our chairs when his name was announced as embodying the spirit of the college. Dickinson, we found, truly walked that walk-the cliché you read about so often when searching for a college: the attentiveness to the individual. But here it resulted in Cameron finding himself and his calling, both with the Army and with the organization he helped to start (Serve the World) and cared about so deeply. And that collegial attentiveness came from everyone-professors, administrative staff-even right up to and including President Durden."