Bologna Center

Bologna Center

Twelve Centers. A Global Network.

For more than fifty years, Dickinson has operated its own global study and research centers.  These centers immerse students in the study of foreign language.  They foster a deeper understanding of the political, social, cultural, and economic histories of the countries and regions in which they are located.  And they form a worldwide network of living laboratories from which students can trace the causes and consequences of global forces, examine differing policy responses to global change, and assess and learn from successes and failures.

Bologna Center Post-FeminismProfessor Nicoletta Marini-Maio (Italian) helped to organize and contributed to an international academic conference of the prestigious Culture and Politics of Gender Research Group.  The conference explored the "State of Feminism in the Age of Berlusconi."

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Recent Topics/Projects:

Postfeminism?  The Culture and Politics of Gender in the Age of Berlusconi

Center Leadership 2018-2020
Andy Wolff
Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies














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