Strategic Plans I and II 

The strength and viability of Strategic Plans I and II have been key to Dickinson’s success over the past decade. The plans gave us a shared vision rooted in our historic legacy as well as specific objectives, goals and benchmarks against which to gauge our performance. Strategic Plan III marks an auspicious moment for Dickinson and one that we must maximize for the full benefit of the institution. Unlike the urgency which drove the drafting of the first plan as we sought to provide immediate institutional focus, and unlike the drafting of the second plan which sought to deeply ingrain defining characteristics and enabling conditions throughout the institution, Strategic Plan III gives us the opportunity to engage in a detailed conversation about the future of our college.

Developing Strategic Plan III 

In keeping with prior plans, the process of developing Strategic Plan III embraced transparency and sought to build consensus by soliciting appropriate input from members of the community: extensive on-campus discussion among faculty, staff and students, as well as valuable input from trustees, alumni and parents. As opposed to those at many other institutions, our Strategic Plans are familiar documents, well-used by many members of the campus community. As such, they serve as a significant guide for our decision-making and actions. This plan defines a set of challenges and solutions that form a bridge of achievement and high pragmatic ambition between the accomplishments of the past and a competitive and distinguished future for Dickinson College.

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Strategic Plan III