Spring Semester Special Offering for the Dickinson Community

Dickinson is committed to making lifelong learning possible, even during a pandemic.

Faculty at our global studies centers in Bologna, Bremen, Málaga, Mendoza, Moscow, Norwich, São Paulo and Toulouse have created live, online, interactive classes just for you. This is your opportunity to learn from our expert faculty from around the world—without having to pack your bags!

There are five courses, each with multiple classes taught from different countries.

The days and times within each course vary, depending on the schedule and time zone for each global studies center.

These specially designed courses range from $150 to $200. Don’t have time to take a full course load? Or interested in a variety of topics? You can pick and choose individual classes from among all the offerings. If you’d like to invite others to join you, we offer a “friends and family” rate.

You’ll be wholly engaged with the multiple classes offered in each course. The classes will not be taped presentations – these are live, interactive classes developed specifically for our alumni and parents. Never tried an online class? All you need is an internet connection and a computer/tablet/smartphone.

We hope you will join fellow lifelong learners and Dickinson’s faculty from around the world as we explore topics from global cuisine to sustainability. We even have the artistic director of the Museo Picasso Málaga leading one of the art classes!

Staying home doesn’t mean we can’t keep growing and learning. We hope you will enroll in one (or more!) of our Global Experiences courses.

Questions? Contact alumni@dickinson.edu.