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Faculty Profile

David Kushner

(he/him/his)Associate Professor of Biology (2003)

Contact Information

Rector North Room 1302


He teaches courses in microbiology, virology, and RNA biology. His research combines genetics and cell and molecular biology with genomic and bioinformatic approaches to understand interactions between viruses and their hosts, and also uses evolution-based approaches to understand the relationship between viral RNA sequence, structure, and function.


  • B.S., Haverford College, 1993
  • Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1998

2021-2022 Academic Year

Fall 2021

BIOL 326 Microbiology w/Lab
Molecular biology, genetics, and biochemistry (structure and function) of bacteria, archaea, and viruses. Includes an introduction to the immune system and mechanisms of medical control of microbes. Molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis are addressed via readings from the recent primary literature. Laboratory exercises include the isolation and characterization of unknown bacteria using traditional and molecular methods, and modern genomic approaches to characterizing host response to infection. Six hours classroom a week. Prerequisites: One 200-level BIOL course. For Neuroscience majors, prerequisite is NRSC 200.